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30th of july. though to have presentation on that day.
my group is group 3. this is the first presentation and this is the first time i become the leader for this presentation.
i felt sorry to my group because i didnt did well as a leader.
i didnt get enough of information and the way to do the slides.

lucky that tutor gave us an opportunity to redo our slides on week 12.
and lucky that we are group 3.
everyone's now mess up with all those mid-term.
after week 11's 3 mid-term,
we can concentrate on out presentation dy :))

just a lil hope on you guys,
i hope that all those unpleasant within you guys can be resolve.

少一個敵人、多一個朋友 :))
朋友永遠不嫌多 :))

Thanks For Reading :)

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