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maybe, I really need to change,
change the hobby that I like to keep everything inside,
I know that if I didn't tell you really won't know,
I'll try try my best to not hiding everything from you.
I like the type you communicate with me,
such as you'll ask me to have some talk :))

I like the time when you tell everything to me,
but I don't like the moment when you don't like to explain to me :((
I won't mind if you tell le about your ex,
but I mind if you still thinking of your ex.

im easy to get jealous,
im the kind of girl that like to stick to bf,
am i need I change for this?
i like the time you hug me,
i like the time when you kiss me,
i like the time when you sayang me,
i felt so comfortable, so sweet :))

thank you for everything my dear. :)

Thanks For Reading :)


  1. did he know bout this blog?
    i've read your blog and i somehow experienced something like that before...

  2. I don't think he knows. Anyway, it's just my feelings, it's better that he can feel this. :(
    How's yours? Feel free to share?:)

  3. well...i got jealous easily too...she's more close to her friends to me myself...we spent most of our time together through sms because her parents don't allow her to get involve in relationships yet...so...she doesn't want anyone to know...
    do you ask him the reason why he doesn't want your relationship to go public?

  4. hmmm, yea i asked. it's just the answers he gave me, for me is like "not a reason". really not clear enough. anyway, although i'm very sad when i think of it, but i just take it. i cant do anything also, right? :'(

  5. yeah...true also...anyway~ 见一步走一步吧...appreciate your time together...he's gonna leave you for quite some time after this right? wish you luck~ =)

  6. how you know that he's gonna leave me for quite some time?

    anyway, you can leave down your blog link, I would like to visit your blog too :))

  7. err...i'm one of your friend? lol...

    and erm...my blog had been inactive for months already...probably because i'm no longer emo... =)

  8. no point knowing who am i xP and err...utar's not easy...don't emo till neglect your studies =)

  9. No point of not letting me know also right?

  10. you will know someday...just enjoy guessing from people around you in the meantime..ahaha~

  11. I don't like guessing. But it's ok, I hate forcing. Quite familiar with disappointment. Alright, take care.


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