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something wanna ask you guys :)
did my blog lag?
if lag tell me k? :P
i gonna change something if it's lag.

and ya,
is my blog nice? >〃<
tell me if anywhere you felt it's ugly @.@
ps: dont attack me =^=!

i knew anyone can get html code without using right click in a blog :)
you can take some pic or anything that you like from here,
but please inform me k?
thx =]

can anyone introduce me some english song?
i wan those you'll feel comfortable when you're hearing it >〃<
hehe ♥

i love my blog ♥
my blog love me :P ♥

Thanks For Reading :)


  1. This always has the most popular music on it in english. (:


    I like your blog. o^-^o

  2. 不会lag,但是用firefox开的时候,shoutmix按出来不完整 >< 【看得到name和Website,但是看不见也按不到message的框框】

    BTW oliva ong 的歌曲不错。

  3. shanice, 你可以試試刷新看噢 :D 謝謝你的回應 ^o^ 這首what if是nina的噢 :D


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