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heartfelt wishes

there will only two reasons if i always bring along my earphone.
the first one is when im studying or when i dont wanna disturb ppl when im enjoying the music.
secondly, im really not in mood, not willing to talk to anyone.
this few days, my earphone's always around me.

two days ago,
i sent a relationship status for you, in facebook.
you didnt accept it,
it really disappoint me.
i asked you why, you said you dont feel like letting everyone know.
did you know how i feel when i saw your reply? :(
did you know how sad am i :((
actually, before i send the request,
im already predict that you wont accept it,
i dont know why, i just felt so.

about three weeks ago, i found out a blog of you.
a blog that you wrote for your love.
and four days ago, you updated the blog.
the blog full of words that you wanna tell your love that you're searching, isn't it?
i saw your update in school,
and i cried like nobody else.
i knew that you're still searching someone you love,
im not that lucky lady, yet.
i wont cry in front of others except im really hurt.
im in library that time, sitting alone,
how much i wish that you are here to comfort me.
you didnt know that, of course.

about three days ago, i asked your opinion about me right?
that time, i felt nervous, shy and scare.
although you told me you like me, but there's only a lil smile on my face.
did you know why? im disappoint that you're not loving me. :(
but happy that at least you like me.
after msging with you, i started to feel scare,
i scare that the person that you like not only me,
because i think of i saw your camera album, there's a pretty girl.
she's really pretty :')

i supposed to share this with you,
but i cant.
im just too scare to do that.
i've not enough confidence to do that.
no matter how our relationship will be,
thank you,
that you teach me lots of facts,
and yet many things that i never learnt.
maybe you didnt know this :)

you're really cute :)
i like to hug you,
kiss you,
it makes me feel that you will always by my side.

im hurt that you dont even let me to touch you when we are outside.

im surprised when the first time you hold my hand.
im really happy.

did you remember that time when you're back from kl,
you hug me in front of your house when you're talking phone with your mom,
im surprised, and im so happy that you miss me :))

sometimes when im alone,
im wondering that when your friend ask who am i,
what and how you will answer it.

sometimes, you hug me so tight,
i felt that you need me so much,
thank you :))

glad to be with you.

Thanks For Reading :)

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