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the only one

alright i admit that I like to think too much,
why such things happened?
why that girl's photo still on your mobile phone?

last two days,
it's the first time you tell me that you love me,
I'm really appreciate, really very happy.

yesterday, i mean like few hours ago,
I'm at your place before I went back.

I'm very happy to see you,
I'm really sad that I can't see you for this few days.
when you went for bathe,
all of sudden I feel like checking ur phone,
like last time I did,
I just wanna know, the girl that I saw last time,
izzit she's still there.

You seriously made me felt disappointed,
her picture,
her beauty,
it's still there.

Don't you think that I just suddenly went emo just now?
I do wish to trust you,
but why don't you let me do so?!
I feel like crying,
but I swallow my tears back.

I scare.
I knew that you don't like me to check your phone.
I scare that you'll give me the respond that you gave me last time,
last time when I just be honest that i tell you after i check your phone.
do you still remember it?

I'm coward,
now I know that you love me,
I scare that, when I ask you about this,
you'll scold me,
or, you'll tell me that you still can't forgot her.
just stay with me.....:(

sorry for keeping this inside,
sorry that I'm not brave enough to face it.

I love you,
only you.
am I the only one too?

I wish so.

Thanks For Reading :)

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