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It's too hard for me to describe that,
how disappointed am i to myself,
I'm feeling so sorry to my parents :(
why am I so stupid?
why am I just too lazy to put more effort on studies?


dear, I need your hug :(
how much I wish that you're just right beside me right now :(
dear, thank you for comforting me.
I know that you're tired,
sorry I really wish to talk to you :(
but I don't wish to mess up your study plan.
all the best my dear.


dad, mum,
sorry for obtaining such results :(
I'm not planning to tell.
I felt scared,
I don't wish to see disappointed expression on your face :(
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry that I'm not a good sister,
I couldn't be a good example for brother.
I'm feeling unfilial. :(

sorry :(

Thanks For Reading :)

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