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I told you that,
I wouldn't keep my profession of jealousy,
that time, you ask me to tell you if got anything.

I told you I jealous of you and a girl,
I don't know that you remember or not.
everytime I accidentally her chat at your Facebook,
seriously I'm very jealous,
but I won't emphasize it again.
because I told you.

I'm sad. I'm jealous.
how hard I control myself I to not asking you anything bout this.
how hard I control myself to not thinking those things that I saw in your phone, and even Facebook.

I won't force you.
you knew that I really hate forcing, aren't you?

everytime I touch your phone,
everytime i see your Facebook?
I don't even dare to look into it.
maybe, I care too much.
maybe, I love you too much.

dear, today's weather really nice,
I can calm myself easily and don't letting you know about my jealousy,
I will try to change.
change to not so jealous.
hope that it's a correct decision.

how much I wish,
you hold me in your arm,
or hold my hand,
enjoy the wind,
enjoy natural,
enjoy that, you're beside me.

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