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tears just cant stop yesterday,
i dont know why,
i'm so sad of that.

when i woke up,
the first thing i felt is TIRED.
the thing that tired is not my mind or body,
it's my eyes.

i knew that it's is cause of i tear too much yesterday.
but i just cant control.

i looked like a person that very strong
and not easily to tear.
but sad to say that,
i'm not.
i tear easily.
but not in front of friends.
i'll just tear infront of certain person.

infront of friends,
i'm always a happy girl.
always smile, talk, share.
but who noes when i'm alone?

i'll tell him when i'm sad,
it's for sure :)
the him,
it's not my boyfriend,
he's my best friend :)

when i'm sad,
actually wad i need is not alone,
it's just somebody to accompany me.
maybe just keep quiet and sit beside me,
or lend me a shoulder is good enough.

i'm NOT a emo girl :D
i'm having a quite positive thinking :)


蘇打綠 - 幸福額度

我很喜歡這個團體 :)
主唱, 青峰的聲線是超棒的 :D

Thanks For Reading :)

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