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spm trial

SPM trial O_O
i look languish ryte?
didnt i?

today is the first day of spm trial,
dont know why,
i woke up at about 3.30 am automatically @.@

after that i saw a facebook status:
earthquake magnitude 6.5 at northern sumatra, indonesia.
i got shock.
earthquake again.
hope everyone can pray for them
and everyone will be save.

..... skip .....

back to my trial,
i recieved a tips at 4.23 am
which is from my beloved ms.lim >〃<
and other tips is from my friends :D
it's useful :D
ms.lim's tips is so accurate wow >〃<
thanks baby ♥
i hope i can score in this paper :D
good luck to me >〃<
and all my form 5 friends :D

..... skip .....

tomorrow i'm having english trial
hope that i can write better essays
and have better score this time :D
i gonna rock rock my english paper :x

from now on,
i gonna skip tuition for one month >〃<
since i'm having trial,
i'll try my best to concentrate on what i gonna study.
i'll be back for revision in the next month :D
dont miss me too much ya! :P
i gonna get crazy if i mix up all the subjects :x
exam's TIRING you noe?! :P

Thanks For Reading :)


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