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powerful trial tips

tips that i got b4 trial is very powerful O_O
the essays question is EXACTLY the same with those tips
OMG i love you guys weih :D

i got lots of point?:P
but dont know how's my score,
hope that i can get some flying colours :P


yesterday i told my mom that my m&m's finished!
she bought me a big packet to refill today
awwwww ♥
mom yo're so sweet
i love you! ♥

hehe :P
i love chocolates,
any chocolates :P
but those brand that i've never heard
and all cheat pluks wan i dont like :P
blek ♥
who's willing to treat me chocolates? :D
wakaka ♥

am i looked sick? :(
maybe this few days i'm too tired T^T
hope i can get back my bright bright face :D

Thanks For Reading :)

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