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kota kemuning

today i spent half day at kota kemuning :)
i love the environment there,
but i not really like some the peoples there :)
lots of girls like, they're very pretentive =.=

this is my shoe! :P

today morning,
7am, joey went to my house and fetch me to smk kota kemuning,
with winsey and wendy :D

there're having a celebration of 中秋園遊會,
it's the same meaning as mid-autumn celebration :)
this is the stupid things we did Photobucket

we went into haunted house Photobucket
awww too bad T^T i dont like that :(
but all those "ghost" inside is quite lame :P
haha not bad :)
they'll put ppl lag,
and pinch ppl @.@

okay after that event,
we went to tutti frutti!!
this is the first time i went there :)
although it's EXPENSIVE,
but it's really nice :)
i love it soooooooooo much >〃<

hope i'll be there to enjoy the aircond,
and the yogurt ice cream again :)

Thanks For Reading :)

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